UCL Research Programming Hub


Welcome to the pages for the University College London Research Programming Hub.

The hub brings together research groups across the college who develop software for research.

We are committed to:

  • The development of high-quality, reusable, well-tested, reliable software for research
  • The importance of readable code as a form of scholarly communication
  • The recognition of software as a first-class scientific output alongside papers and data
  • The value of best software engineering practices for research software
  • The application of cutting edge numerical methods and computational tools to research

We achieve this through:

  • Bringing together programming researchers in a variety of fields into a community of practice
  • Sharing techniques, tools, approaches and ideas across disciplinary boundaries
  • Helping each other achieve rigourous academic standards of quality and correctness in our software through review
  • Teaching and training in scientific programming for our students
  • Advocacy for the importance of good scientific software in UCL and more widely